How do you take an oath of office or make an affirmation of office?

Before your first council meeting, you must take an oath of office or make an affirmation of office (section 233A).

In essence, an oath or affirmation is a solemn promise to tell the truth. The main difference is that oaths are generally sworn by religious or spiritual persons before a deity, whereas affirmations are not made before a deity (and are therefore generally made by non-religious persons). 

You cannot attend a meeting of council (and therefore make any decision!) until you have done this.

Each council will do this differently and will let you know the date, time and location after you are elected. This is often done at the start of the first council meeting.

  1. Decide if you will take an oath or affirmation.
  2. Fill in the blanks in the oath or affirmation and practice this beforehand so you are confident and ready to go!
  3. Take a moment to celebrate your success - you are now officially a councillor.

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