What skills, knowledge and personal qualities will you need to succeed?

Being a local councillor is a big commitment with many responsibilities.

To be effective and successful in your role as soon as possible, you will need to:

  • understand the framework and rules that apply to local government, and
  • draw upon a variety of other skills and knowledge you have gained from other walks of life.

As well as being a leader for your community, some of the personal qualities and skills you will need include:

Importantly, you are going to learn a lot on the job often in a very public way.

To succeed, you will also need to regularly undertake professional training and development during your term of office. Indeed, it is a requirement of the Act that you:

"make all reasonable efforts to acquire and maintain the skills necessary to perform the role of a councillor" (section 232(1)(g).

  1. Complete an audit of your current skills, knowledge and personal qualities by answering honestly (there are no right or wrong answers!).
  2. Identify any gaps and make a plan on how will address these gaps in the next 12 months.

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